Manage safety and maintenance

With an industry-specific solution and ongoing support

The Mobaro mobile app


The mobile app

All the essential tools you need in the palm of your hand while conducting checks and tasks. The Mobaro mobile app allows field staff, technicians, ride operators and service personnel to communicate with each other and management in a structured and effective way. 



Conducts checks anywhere in your facility with intelligent and user-friendly checklists.


Create or receive work orders on the fly and attach images to communicate clearly.

Manuals library

Access all the relevant instructions from the library or as attachments to checklists.


Adding and annotating images allows you to effectively prevent misunderstandings.


Easily monitor status of any part of your facility with to access key operational data.


Register downtime on rides and compile insight on overall performance.

administrative support

The web app

This is where work is planned and distributed to the mobile app users.
Mobaro is software as a service. By logging in to our web application you get access to create, edit and manage any safety, maintenance routine centrally. Even if you are away from the office or facility. 

Operational insights with Mobaro


You will get access to customised boards with insights targeted any specific purpose. You can get dashboards that facilitate overview and decision making on any level of management.

Task manager

In any team, delegating and executing tasks is essential. The task manager lets your create, edit, automate and distribute tasks across your organisation - to departments or coworker.

Checklist editor

It's time to convert all your existing content to digital checks. The checklist editor makes it easy to create, edit and structure any type of check - and add supporting materials.


With Mobaro you can automate recurring checks and tasks. We let you create any pattern for work orders and distribute and prompt assignees once it's time to start.


Images from all checks conducted are available for viewing through the web app gallery. This gives you a powerful monitoring tool. It even allows you to create tasks directly from an image.

Manual editor

Getting the right information to the right people ensures accuracy in the workplace. With the manuals editor you will be able to manage e.g. rides manuals, evacuation plans or emergency procedures.

Location overview

Get a full overview of all the attractions, rides, exhibits, equipment or any other important part of your business. The location overview is where your go to view the status of operations.

Operational overview

By utilising the operations feature of Mobaro, you will be able to get a clear overview of the duration and character of ride downtime. This forms the basis for valuable performance insight.