Easily Document, monitor and
optimise your theme park ride operations


Easily document, monitor and optimise your theme park ride operations

All your ride data in the right place

RideOps is the tool your theme park operators and management need to access and transmit live information from ride activity. It lets you capture important operational metrics from the ride in order to operate to a safe, efficient and cost-effective standard. 

Queue time monitoring

Document the queue at regular intervals and display time across your park.


Easily turn on downtime mode for accurately measuring ride performance.

Manuals and guidelines

Give your operators the best basis for high performance with in-app access to manuals.


Ensure that only ride operators with proper training for the ride can access and record in RideOps.

Attendants and positions

Easily track all Operators and Attendants working at each ride on any predefined position.

Ride Cycles and Capacity

Easily register number of riders on each cycle to track capacity utilisation and ride cycle data.

Operator Checklists

Set up and connect preopening checklists for ride operators to be conducted before the ride opens.

Ride ready

RideOps will let your operator know whether the ride has been approved for operations.

Ride Notes (and task triggers)

Create a continuous flow of information regarding the ride, whether informative or requiring action.

View ride stats in mobaro app

With the enhanced operations tile in the Mobaro mobile app, you can monitor status and staff on each ride.

NEW feature:

Ride Notes

Increase the communication efforts between your operations and maintenance teams — and all in between! With the new Notes feature, your operators can now create different types of notes that may just be informative, require intervention, or even automatically create assignments for specific teams all depending on the setup of your organization.

Give control back to your operators while still making sure applicable requests are sent off to the correct line of business.


NEW feature:

Preopening checklists

Increase the overall safe turnover of your attractions with the Operator Checklists feature — give your operators the confidence needed to ensure their attractions are safe to operate.

Integrated with the mobaro CMMS

Using the Mobaro suite, your daily maintenance and safety routines have a direct impact on e.g. the operational readiness of each ride as reflected in RideOps. On top of that, Mobaro will be the 360-hub for creating, scheduling and monitoring operational checks and tasks.



Conduct checks anywhere in your facility with intelligent and user-friendly checklists.


Create or receive work orders on the fly and attach images to communicate clearly.


You can get dashboards that facilitate overview and decision making.


With Mobaro you can automate recurring checks in any pattern and prompt user.


Access all the relevant instructions from the library or as attachments to checklists.


Register downtime on rides and compile insight on overall performance.


Adding and annotating images allows you to effectively prevent misunderstandings.


Easily monitor status of any part of your facility with to access key operational data.


RideOps supports integration for feeding your Attractions.io platform with live queue times across your park. Visit site.

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