RideOps: Your daily ride log

In 2021, Mobaro will launch a new appfor the Mobaro solution, aimed at supporting  ride operators and supervisors. RideOps enables users to log vital ride operating data and the workflows taking place at each ride.  

his new tool will be available as an add-on module for our clients, and the initial version will include the following features that enables operators to:

  • Capture important operational metrics from the ride: 
    • Ride cycles/dispatches 
    • Number of riders 
    • Queue time 
  • See if the ride is approved for operation 
  • Easily control the ride’s operational state – for uptime/downtime statistics 
  • Initiate downtime on the ride (interfaces with the existing downtime features already in Mobaro) 
  • Access important documentation from Mobaro’s library – e.g., operator’s manualsevacuation procedures, etc.

Create powerful combinations with the 
Mobaro platform 

RideOps is an optional add-on to your Mobaro system and will work in combination with a number of other features. 

Consider a few scenarios:

  • Send queue time info to desired display around the park or at head office
  • Monitor whether rides reach capacity on busy days
  • Monitor ride cycles per hour
  • Track who is operating each ride
  • Capture operational hours and downtime

However, it will also be possible to use it as a stand-alone app for e.g. logging ride data and activity.

 and certification 

Once RidesOps is launched, we plan on adding certifications for a later release. This means that you will be able to require the operator to have the right certification for operating the ride in question. 

Ultimately, with RideOps, you will be able to build even more intelligence from the activities at each ride – making it easier to derive, handle and act on information.

Device and 
technical info 

The application will be available with the same degree of flexibility as Mobaro’s main mobile app: 

  • iOS version available 
  • Android version available 
  • Wifi or cellular 
  • No cables needed

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 the RideOps release?

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