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Zoo safety & operations

Mobaro makes it easer to manage and perform routine procedures in zoos and aquaria - from facility to operations.

For improved safety operations

With Mobaro it has never been easier to plan and execute tasks and checks within zoological institutions. From animal care to facility and vehicle management and safety, your employees and visitor are in good hands.


zoo safety system
  • Zoological operations
  • Enclosure management
  • Zoo keeper work plans / procedures
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail unit checks

Safari Parks

Zoo safety and operations tool
  • Enclosure management
  • Vehicle and rail safety and maintenance
  • Feeding schedules
  • Emergency plan
  • Incident / First Aid reporting


  • Water quality checks
  • Tank maintenance
  • Retail unit checks
  • Regulatory food service
  • Incident / First Aid reporting
  • Facility management