Frequently asked questions

Learn about the most popular topics about the Mobaro platform. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Visit our contact page or call +45 71999499

Yes. When we onboard you to the system, we assist in optimizing and structuring your content to adapt it in the best way possible in a digital environment, with all the benefits this brings.

After we train you as a superuser in the system, you can fully administer your account and subsequently create and edit content in Mobaro.

Yes, Mobaro includes an advanced Task Management feature, where you can create, receive, and complete work orders on the fly and attach images and comments to communicate clearly with colleagues.

No, our pricing program is based and scaled on the number of locations you add to and use in Mobaro. Thus, you have access to an unlimited number of users, an unlimited number of checklists, and unlimited added content for your active locations in the system.

Yes, Mobaro’s experts can, if requested, review your checklist programs to optimize the quality and workflows of these. As an example, our safety and maintenance expert can help optimize your checklist programs and overall Safe Systems of Work for your rides and attractions.

The pricing is based on an annual recurring fee and a one-time setup fee based on the setup services you choose.

As a standard, the annual fee is based and scaled on the number of locations you add to and use in Mobaro. However, it varies depending on the type of visitor attraction/leisure business you operate.

Get in touch to get a quote estimate from Mobaro based on your visitor attraction.

A location in Mobaro can be e.g. a ride, restaurant, playground, merchandise shop, technical facility, zoo exhibit, toilet, accommodation units etc. All locations within your organization for which you wish to conduct checks and traceable task management.

No, however, as a standard, we price our solution based on the number of locations you add to the system.

As an example, if you wish to use Mobaro on 30 rides/attractions in your park, we calculate a price for 30 locations.

Yes, you can work offline in the system, e.g., conduct and complete checklists and create/manage tasks. However, this will affect the otherwise real-time updates in the system, because the work will automatically update once the device reconnects to the Internet.


Our user-friendly checklist tool holds a variety of features to support this and will allow you to e.g. schedule checks to be available in specific intervals and let you monitor and manage the activity status of each schedule via the Mobaro Location Overview dashboard.

For instance, you can schedule a daily maintenance check on a ride to be available for your maintenance team every day with a start at 05.00 am, and a deadline at 11.00 am.


Yes, any PDF documents or videos can be added and used in Mobaro, enabling you and your team to get easy and instant access to all types of support documents when conducting their work.

Yes, the software allows for data export in many aspects e.g. PDF export of reports, Excel spreadsheet export of created/completed tasks etc.

There are several options to export data. Please contact a Mobaro team member for specific requests and use cases.

  • Rides and Attractions maintenance & safety checks
  • Ride and Attractions operations & safety checks
  • Opening/Closing procedures F&B and Retail
  • Foodservice / regulatory checks (e.g. temperature checks)
  • Facility management
  • Plant and equipment management (e.g. water quality)
  • Vehicle / fleet management
  • Retail and games checks
  • Toilets/hygiene team routine checks
  • Show arena and theatre management
  • Zoological operations
  • Safety & Security teams
  • Life safety systems
  • Water Park operations

Yes, support is included as well as access to our Help Centre.

Mobaro is a SaaS solution and a cloud-based application that does not need any installation on local computers and servers. Mobaro only requires installation of the application on mobile devices.

Mobaro does not provide hardware, however, we can guide you in terms of minimum technical requirements for devices.

The mobile application supports Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

The onboarding process will be managed by one of our Customer Success Team members, responsible for managing the implementation and ensuring that you receive the necessary support and training in connection with setup, implementation, and ongoing system operations.

Training can be provided through online training sessions, or indeed we also do programs including onsite training. You will also have access to our e-learning platform “Mobaro Academy”, where the individual user can take a number of online courses and learn all the basic features in Mobaro.

Mobaro currently serves more than 120 visitor attractions and leisure companies worldwide. Based on feedback from our client base, Mobaro typically brings efficiencies and operational benefits such as:

  • Improved safety and risk management for both guests and employees, and enhanced safety regimes with guidance and consultancy from Mobaro experts
  • Quality assurance and consistency on completed safety, maintenance, and operations checklists – on time and by the right person
  • Improve the efficiency of assignments (created and sent direct and live – full transparency on progress)
  • Ensure the viability of the pre-opening safety and maintenance checklist program
  • Real-time work status oversight by the senior team for each individual Location (ride, building, café etc.)
  • Efficient maintenance program planning
  • Enhanced liability program protection – Enhance safe system of work
  • Maintenance manuals, SOP’s, company-specific procedures e.g. Lock-out sitting in support of checklists – providing for informed and intelligent checks
  • Paper savings – example: 30 rides x 200 days of operation x 3 sheets = 18,000 pieces of paper – Great for the environment – paperless systems
  • Long term secured proactive maintenance – meaning less likelihood of downtime and unexpected investment in expensive spare parts
  • Overall work process efficiency – reduced administrative paperwork (which sometimes can require many resources)
  • Improved data management and retrieval system (incident records as one example)
  • Empower staff engagement through intelligent systems and information at their fingertips when and where they need it
  • We have clients reporting back higher productivity rates between 10% – 30% among certain departments