A December to remember: Motiongate boosts rider throughput with 30% using Mobaro

MOTIONGATE Dubai Mobaro RideOps
Last December, Motiongate Dubai challenged their ride operations team for an experiment. The goal was to see just how much they could out-perform the results from the previous year and establish a new way of tweaking performance.
After having successfully implemented Mobaro including RideOps during the 2021 season, the road was open to utilize the platform for monitoring and adjusting their ride operations.
– We decided  to raise the bar in ridership throughput and with the help of RideOps, the result was quite remarkable, says the team at Motiongate Dubai.
Dispatch time vs speed breakers
To achieve a representative data foundation, the rides and attractions team set up ideal dispatch times for each ride to accurately compare with the live ride data collected in RideOps.
To optimize the throughput, the rides and attractions team identified a number of speed breakers or bottlenecks, i.e. anything that would slow down the throughput for each ride.
When the groundwork was set up, the ride operations leadership team would monitor performance from RideOps on an hourly basis. If dispatch times on a specific ride were higher than expected, it would trigger a follow-up from team leaders to adjust and remedy.
30% increase and zero guest complaints
After having run the setup through one month, the results showed that the extra effort had enabled the teams to out-perform themselves with 30% compared to the same period the previous year.
– We will definitely be integrating this approach as it evidently enables us to both track, analyse, and act continuously. The results speak for themselves, says the rides and attractions Leadership team at Motiongate Dubai.
On top of the performance increase, they noted that during the same period, the overall guest satisfaction scores exceeded targets.

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