take better care of:

Resort safety & maintenance

From inspecting ski lifts to ensuring hotel rooms live up to standards. When you want optimal routines, Mobaro is the answer.

Always offer your resort guests a safe and enjoyable stay

Mobaro centralises, simplifies and amplifies the processes necessary to run a safe and well-maintained resort. Field-staff like mechanics who inspect ski resorts from chairlifts to haul ropes, kitchen staff who cook and serve food, or hotel staff who handle accommodations – not to mention their managers. Anyone in your organisation will benefit from the turnkey digitalisation Mobaro offers.

Ski resorts

  • Chair lift inspections
  • Lift maintenance 
  • Slope & vehicle inspections
  • Accommodations
  • Evacuation procedures
  • F&B checks

Holiday resorts

  • Facility management
  • Pool service
  • Water-ride safety
  • Amusement / entertainment safety
  • Accommodations checks
  • F&B checks