The Folly Farm Success With Mobaro


The adoption of Mobaro has revolutionized the approach to safety protocols and maintenance and operational management at Folly Farm in South Wales.

Royston Badham, Operations Manager at Folly Farm, sheds light on the journey that started in 2018 towards digital transformation and the profound impact of Mobaro on their operations. He emphasizes the initial motivation behind integrating Mobaro:

“Mobaro was initially brought in to replace our paper checks on our rides to give us more control and oversight of reoccurring defects and also to streamline the checks for the team so make them easier to understand with pictures and more”, he says.

What began as a targeted solution to enhance control over ride inspections soon evolved into a comprehensive strategy aimed at optimising efficiency and fostering a culture of safety across the entire site. Badham underscores the transformative effect of Mobaro on staff awareness:

“Since implementation, our staff have become more aware of hazards and can quickly report problems, ensuring their tasks have been signed off as proof their work has been completed”.

Reducing unnecessary expenses


Mobaro’s intuitive interface, enriched with visual aids and streamlined processes, has significantly simplified tasks for Folly Farm’s team members. The integration of crucial documents within the Mobaro platform has ensured universal access to essential information.

 “SOP’s, risk assessments, and other company documents are now at everyone’s fingertips whereas before they had to go to certain locations for paper copies so now there is no excuse for doing things wrong”, Royston Badham notes.

From a financial perspective, Mobaro has yielded tangible benefits for Folly Farm. By leveraging Mobaro’s reporting capabilities, the management team has gained valuable insights into recurring issues affecting rides and equipment. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making regarding repair or replacement, thereby optimizing resource allocation and reducing unnecessary expenses.

A Litigation Defense Tool

Moreover, Mobaro has become an asset in litigation cases where the platform’s comprehensive records serve as concrete evidence of compliance and due diligence, enabling the organization to successfully defend against legal challenges.

“I have been able to successfully defend some litigation cases against us by providing Mobaro records to prove certain checks have been performed on our rides”, he says.

In sum, Royston Badham’s enthusiastic endorsement of Mobaro underscores its vital role as a cornerstone of Folly Farm’s health and safety management system. The ongoing support provided by the Mobaro team further solidifies its position as a trusted partner in operational excellence.



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