Easily register, manage, and keep track of the qualifications of your teams and their members. The new Mobaro Competency tool is where Maintenance, F&B, Operations, HR, and other departments take control of the required training and certification of their staff.

Mobaro certification tool

create and manage certifications for any
team member

We have added a new section called Competencies. This is where managers can now register certifications, say a Lifeguard Training certificate or a Ride Operator training course.

Here, you can also set the expiration for the certificate. This way, it is easy to keep track of who in your staff need to renew their qualification.

The Competency overview

As with many features in Mobaro, you can set up data widgets in customisable dashboards to reflect the insight of your liking. The new Competency Overview can also be added to any dashboard you prefer in the Mobaro back office.

Here, you can easily see:

GREEN: Employees with the required competencies

YELLOW: When certificates are approaching expiration

RED: Employees who are not up-to-date with requirements

GREY: No certifications registered

Mobaro certification tool

RideOps vs Competency


One of the most prominent uses of Competency Management is in combination with RideOps. Now, when logging in to the RideOps application, only users who have received training for the specific ride will be able to log in. Safety first.

qualified for the


When a user, say, a maintenance engineer is to conduct a mechanical inspection, you can register the inspection in question to flag whether the user has the right qualification. If the user does not, it will be logged alongside the results in the report