API: Integrate with Mobaro

With the addition of our public API, our clients now have the ability to develop integrations for other software environments bringing new value cross-connected value to the business.

Just imagine if you could seamlessly connect data from your ticket POS to the operational output already provided by Mobaro. Maybe your booking management system would be more precise if it showed a readiness factor from the Mobaro checks?

Or what if sensors on your rides were integrated with the logic in checks and tasks? In that case planned preventive maintenance would get a new automated dimension….

When it comes to ideas, the sky is the limit. However, when it comes to the real integrations, it is necessary to stress that scoping and development of course still needs to take place. But with the public API in place, a door has been opened to the many possibilities.

Results management
The Mobaro API now supports integrations for exporting results, e.g. for external storage or for further reporting, perhaps for data comparison purposes. Along with the data extracted, you will gain access to the individual checklist that the result is based on, including any sections or questions shown or removed by logic settings.

Downtime / Uptime controls
It is now possible to initiate a downtime instance in Mobaro from other systems in your attraction. Furthermore, we enable you to create your own administration panel to control these actions and display all the related data accessible in Mobaro.

Operational location data
When receiving information about your locations through the Mobaro API, we now let you view operational data as well. For example, this means you can see when the location last changed status, and how long it has been open/closed or whether it is currently subject to downtime.

Question categories
Mobaro’s question categories is connected to the mission of giving our clients a means of monitoring performance on a range of individualized topics, important to their specific attraction and situation. Now, you can extract that information as well, meaning you can collate business intelligence in your preferred format for wider reporting in your organization.



  • Below is a webinar we held to explain and explore the various aspects of the Mobaro API