Take a ride to
peace of mind
with mobile checklists

Managing and delivering high quality operations, maintenance and safety is an immense responsibly within any organisation. Mobaro Park delivers the solutions to organising and effectively managing the ride and attraction pre-opening checklist program and ensuring timely, accurate and accountable service to routine maintenance tasks and repairs.

Your season pass to more efficient safety and maintenance procedures

Take charge of operations using advanced mobile checklists and a digital back office system that allows for real-time monitoring of checks and inspections essential for optimum safety and quality.

Filling the typical execution gaps is a core aspect of the Mobaro Park mindset. We understand your specific theme park park workflows and routines, from daily checklists to annually scheduled monitoring programs.

With Mobaro Park, safety and maintenance checks are digital. With a mobile or tablet, your operations team contribute to a centralised collection of structured data available for the ride and operations manager on real-time dashboards.

Now isn’t that a great offer?

Before Mobaro Park

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Missing and illegible checklists

Challenging task management

Poor historic documentation

Limited on ride technical information

After Mobaro Park

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Mobile checklists

Optimised resource allocation

Centralised operations monitoring

Accessible technical support documentation

Your Benefits

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A clear and accurate overview

Improved safety

Efficient workflows

Saved time and resources