Widgets, widgets, widgets: The insight you want – the way you want it.


In Mobaro, you are able to have your dashboards customised with a number of powerful widgets showing data to your liking.

A variety of settings in our dashboards will give you overviews of e.g. how checks perform, current assignments and location status to name a few.

We continuously develop new widgets to meet the needs of our clients. A recent update to the Mobaro web app (where managers alike create, manage and schedule content) adds new ways to visulise the status of safety, maintenance and operations routines across your business.

Assignments by Assignee

Every so often, you want to gain an overview of who is on top of what. This new widget displays the amount of open assignments in a bar chart (each bar representing a user or user group):

  • Filterable on location(group)s, checklists, assignment categories and high priority.
  • Drill down shows a detailed list of assignments the number is based upon.


Answer Distribution

When you want to know how certain questions perform, here’s a good way to get that info. Based on a single question in a single checklist, this widget or (a cluster of similar widgets) can:

  • Show the amount of answers for each option in a pie chart.
  • Filter a time range and locations or location groups.
  • Drill down to a detailed list of results the number is based upon.


Question Category Hierarchy

Structuring your questions into a hierarchy of categories can help you gain in-depth knowledge about the different areas of your business. This widget can displays either the entire hierarchy or subset from provided category:

  • Filterable on time range, checklists and location(group)s.
  • First level drill down shows average score for questions the hierarchy numbers are based upon.
  • Second level drill down shows a detailed list of all results the average score is based upon.

If you want to learn more about the reporting and insight features of the Mobaro platform, be sure to reach out to us by requesting a demo or calling us at +4571999499.


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