Welcoming our new Onboarding Specialist

Mai Thorsted

We are excited to announce that Mai Thorsted has joined the Mobaro HQ in Aarhus on the 1st of August. As an Onboarding Specialist, Mai will be heading up the future development of tools for training and certification of users on the Mobaro platform.

Already part of the team
While finishing her Master’s Degree in IT & Communication Mai has worked part time at Mobaro assisting our Customer Success team in supporting and configuring solutions for a host of Mobaro’s users.

– With my experience at Mobaro and my theoretical background, I have hands-on understanding in working with the system and all its inner workings. This means I can put myself in the clients’ place and understand processes and possible issues from a client perspective.

For even better client onboarding
With Mai added to the Mobaro family, our clients will face a new approach to learning about the features and principles of Mobaro. Dubbed the ‘Mobaro Academy’, a series of courses will take users through simple to advanced system use and make sure no one is left behind in class.

– We see great potential in combining Mai’s winning attitude, educational background, her detailed knowledge about the inner workings of the Mobaro platform, and the scope for this project. Her work will help Mobaro users get the most from Mobaro from Day 1 and it will keep them up to speed on our constant flow of new features, says Christian Rasmussen, CTO.

Mobaro Academy will be launched by Dec. 2019. If you have any questions or input reg. Mobaro Academy, feel free to reach out to Mai directly at mt@mobaro.com 


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