The tricky task of tasking in an attraction

A workday consists of thousands of inputs. Bits and pieces of information, all of which take their fair share of attention. When it comes to the daily tasks you share with your team, maintaining an efficient structure and using the proper tools is often what will save the day.

But how do you keep track of verbal messages, emails, phone calls, texts and post-its all at once? The most likely answer is: Often you don’t. In many cases, using the ‘traditional’ methods collectedly can be immensely time­-consuming and leaves too much room for error.

Within the amusement and leisure industry, misinforming about, forgetting or misunderstanding a task, can have serious consequences at worst.

In the Mobaro Park system, we include a dedicated tasking feature, and, configured properly, it streamlines tasking in operations, safety and maintenance – empowering you and your teams.

Take a look at the video below to get David Bromilow’s take on the Mobaro Park tasking feature.

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