The office guy on a pre-opening check

By Christian Jenshøj

On a rainy Thursday morning, I had the privilege of joining the maintenance staff at Djurs Sommerland, one of the largest and most acknowledged amusement parks in Scandinavia, on their morning pre-opening checks – and what a ride.


The new guy
At 4 o’clock on an extremely rainy morning, I jumped (or moved very slowly) out of bed leaving the usual suit on the rack to put on jeans, boots, and raincoat, getting ready for my morning check with the maintenance staff at Djurs Sommerland. The purpose of my visit was to experience how the Mobaro Park system works out there in the field amongst real people, and watch the maintenance staff of an amusement park in action.

First of all, I am new in the business, and on top of that I haven’t visited an amusement park for more than 20 years leaving me kind of a rookie with absolutely no clue of what to expect. So, you can probably imagine me just a bit anxious standing out there in the pouring rain at 5.45 am with a bunch of fast talking, smooth operating maintenance guys giving me a few one-liners regarding my outfit, and what I’m in for. But even before I had finished my first black-as-night coffee, I had the feeling that I was in for a very interesting day with a bunch of stand-up guys – and my gut feeling wasn’t wrong.


Doing the job and doing it well
What I quickly experienced was a group of highly skilled and professional employees doing a great job on their individual morning checks, but also as a team helping each other out and making sure that the ones in need of an extra hand got the help in order for them all to finish up in time for the park to open. It was obvious, that what these guys are doing every morning and throughout the day is making sure that the safety level of the park is at its highest, and doing all they can to keep the wheels behind the scene turning in order for the park to perform at its best, and for the guests to have the best possible time.


Thors hammer III1000

Thors Hammer1000

Putting the system to the test
Regarding the use of the Mobaro Park system, I experienced three important aspects seeing the system being used out there in the real world – the need for simplicity, overview, and a fast working system. These guys have a tight agenda, and are working under circumstances not exactly comparable to the warm and dry surroundings of for instance my office. Therefore, it is necessary that the usability of the system is simple making it easy and swift to navigate and use, and able to keep up with the pace of their work. Creating assignments needs to be a simple task, and it is necessary that the guys can keep track of what needs to be fixed and where to fix it. So, as much as details, dashboards, and data reports are needed in the backend amongst the management team, the maintenance staff operating in the field are in need of a simple tool doing what is required for them to do their job and nothing more. That’s also why fancy multi tools are acquired by paper-pushing guys like myself, but not exactly on the wish list of the ordinary craftsman – they use the proper tool for the proper job.


A great experience
So – what was my overall assessment of the field study amongst the hard-working women and men of Djurs Sommerland and the use of the Mobaro Park system, as I cold and wet returned to my car heading back to Aarhus? Nothing but the deepest respect for the team, their attitude, good spirit, and their generous hospitality taking time to show an outsider like me the way around a truly fantastic amusement park.

And as for the Mobaro Park system? It is the proper tool for the job and helping the guys out, but as for all other tools used in the field to make a difference, we need to constantly listen to the feedback provided to us by the people using it and keep on striving making the system better and better.

Once again – thank you so much, Michael, Tommy, Leif and the rest of the maintenance team at Djurs Sommerland for a great day and educational experience.

Christian Jenshøj
Business & Communications Manager
Mobaro Park

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