The most anticipated new feature of the year

location overview

One of this years most anticipated and awesome features – In-app Location Overview – is finally here giving you the complete mobile overview of your every location on the fly – whenever and wherever you are situated.

The in-app dashboard provides you with a top-level overview of the status of the different location groups you have access to, as well as allowing you to drill down into the individual groups and inspect the individual locations.

Connection status tile
One of the most common problem our users are facing when using the Mobaro app is operating and handling in results on a poor or incomplete data connection.

In order to provide you with a more precise indicator of whether or not you have a complete online from where you are using your app, we’ve added a connection status tile at the bottom of your dashboard.

Annotate picture on web
Editing your images are no longer reserved for the app – we’ve enabled you to do this the most places in the web application where you handle images.

Multiple reference images
You are now able to add more than one reference image to any given question.

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By the way – If you are attending the EAS in Berlin, you are still very welcome to attend our seminar and get the latest updates. Just reach out to Jens or David and we’ll take it from there.

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