The Jungle Book

Chapter 1 – Chester Zoo


The most recent Mobaro Park installation at Chester Zoo, UK, did indeed turn the first page of a new and very exciting chapter of the first all Zoo site implementation of the Mobaro Park system.

The team at Chester Zoo selected Mobaro Park after a comprehensive review of other software systems for its uncluttered functionality, its design to meet the needs of the attractions sector and not a one size fits all for heavy industry. Mobaro Park had to meet the very high and exacting standards set by Chester Zoo throughout all its operations.

Especially the maintenance tasking and management solution of the Mobaro Park system which ensures that all maintenance tasks for the entire site are managed in an efficient manner alongside the safety and maintenance checklist program for the rides and attractions. All in support with the park monorail system providing excellent habitat viewing positions, and the boat ride situated in the stunning Islands section of the park.


Everything went on perfectly, and the Mobaro Park team had a great time. David Bromilow, Director Parks and Attractions, Mobaro Park, commented, that it is not very often en-route to the workshops for content review he is being greeted by lions and flamingos along the way. Also, the maintenance and guest experience team provided very positive early feedback and were pleased to replacing the paper checklist regime with the digital and informed Mobaro Park solution.






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