The importance of real-time dashboards

Why real-time dashboards and data are so important for reducing errors, improve safety and keeping track of it all.



Running the daily and weekly checks of your park and attractions is of course not a new phenomenon or concept but a serious matter and has been done for many years in the process of maintaining the safety of your park, your visitors and your staff.

Many parks, FEC’s, Zoo’s and so on have already started the digital transformation from using analogue processes and paper checklists on their daily inspections to using digital tools and services. One of the reasons for going digital is to optimise your workflow that will help you reduce time and resources, but most importantly going digital will help you improve the monitoring and registration of the safety and maintenance inspections.

By using real-time dashboards illustrating the live status of your park you will gain a complete overview of your operations and tasks as well as the status of your individual attractions. In that way, you will be able to respond to errors and defects immediately and at the same time document and track your actions – not only for analysis and future improvements but also for documenting your track record in case of an incident.


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