Scotland, Stonehenge and Devon

It’s been a busy week for the Mobaro Park delegation where new and exciting projects have taken the team from stunning Scotland in the north to the beautiful countryside of Devon in the south west of the UK.


The excitement started with Mobaro Director, David Bromilow, spending a couple of days with the great team and family owners at M&D’s in Scotland preparing for a full Mobaro Park installation. Meanwhile Client Care Specialist, Rasmus Andreasen, and Business & Communications Manager, Christian Jenshøj, flew in from Denmark taking the alternative route to Devon (which by coincidence led them past the magnificent site of Stonehenge) in order to meet up with David before starting the training sessions with the management and staff at the beautiful Crealy Adventure Park in Exeter, Devon.


The hospitality of the south west and in particularly the good women and men at Crealy’s started and ended with lots of positive energy and a great enthusiasm to get the Mobaro Park system going. Two workshops were initiated with the management and the maintenance staff respectively which led to many interesting and operational discussions regarding the use and benefits of the system and the best ways for Crealy to make the system and workflows their own.



All in all, a great and productive day leaving the Crealy team ready and enthusiastic to have a go with the system and setting things in motion.




Going home after a great couple of days.


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