What we do

At Mobaro Park our vision is to help the amusement park and attractions industry in its strive for safety optimisation. Our vison aligned with that of the industry emphasises that we believe that safety is the number one priority and that many safety and maintenance operations processes can become even better.

The Mobaro Park system can help your park improve and enhance the safety management system by digitalising key functions within the safety and maintenance operations. The process combines evaluation, creation and implementation of new and improved regimes that will help you minimize errors and defects and operate on the highest possible level.

Our value proposition

Everything we do starts and ends with our clients and is based on their reality, situation and everyday challenges. When the collaboration has been established we offer a combination of knowledge, knowhow and experience and what we believe to be best practice in the industry – we call it The Mobaro Park Process (MPP).

The MPP has been developed for the industry, in collaboration with the industry and by some of the most competent and experienced human resources in the industry. The MPP is continuously being adjusted and optimised based on the feedback we receive from our clients combined with the knowledge we share and receive from industry manufactures, safety committees and organisations such as BALPPA, AIMS, ASTM 24, IAAPA and WWA.

The MPP consists of a highly versatile and user friendly digital platform incorporated and surrounded by a second to non evaluation, creation and implementation process. We therefore combine a unique, digital foundation with industry best practice based on 40 years of experience.

Before Mobaro Park

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Challenging task and safety management

Missing and illegible checklists

Insufficient park overview and communication

Poor historic documentation

Limited on ride technical information

After Mobaro Park

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New and improved regimes

Mobile checklists and accessible technical support documentation

Optimised resource allocation

Centralised operations monitoring and enhanced safety management

Your Benefits

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A clear and accurate overview

Optimised safety, maintenance and quality processes

More effective and time saving operations

Smarter resource allocation equals a more cost effective and sustainable overall setup

Real time, documented and safely stored data