New features for even more efficient workflows

From a number of feedback sessions and system evaluations with our clients we have identified certain areas where new development would further improve the workflows of amusement and theme park safety and maintenance.


Publication calendars

With recurring checks every day, week, month, year – on a number of different locations – with individual characteristics and opening hours, you know there is work to be done to cover this with a checklist setup. And once done, you will want to be able to save the setup and use it a later time.

So, now with the ‘Publication Calendar’ all your checks and inherent configurations can easily be saved in a schedule that allows for:

– Grouping similar checklists under a shared calendar
– Easy in-season management of publications
– Easily change all publications for the next season

In essence, this new feature helps you centralize the publications so that rescheduling is made easy and any changes in e.g. opening hours are easily adapted to.

Reference photos for questions

reference-photosUsers completing the checks benefit from being guided by visual elements, e.g. a reference photo. We enhanced the function and now it is possible to place a visually dominant reference photo at the top of each question.

This makes it easy to show exactly where focus must be directed during checks and inspections.

Bulk task management

Now we give you better control of tasks. When there is a lists of tasks you want moved, re-assigned or rescheduled, the bulk task management controls easily let you complete these procedures for any number of tasks in the system. You can even create and assign a task and send it to multiple locations, e.g. if there is a generic procedure that applies to all the locations in your facility.

Operational log

Whenever there is a change in or specific event related to your rides, you often need to save that information for future reference. With the operational log, we enable you to create date-stamped, and write-protected, entries for each ride. This will give you a consistent overview of all occurrences for all rides.

Hide the synchronize prompt

Did you ever wonder why the app prompts you from time to time for synchronizing data. Because of the different user contexts with varying levels of cell data coverage it is necessary to let the user decide when to deliver and receive data. For example, if you are deep underground in a concrete building doing maintenance, you might not have access to a data connection. In this case, it is useful to be prompted to make a decision whether to synchronize or not.

In another situation, with proper connection with all signal bars flashing, you won’t need to think about data delivery. So the bottom line for the new feature, we are letting you decide whether to see the prompt or not.


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