Mobaro Park’s adventure into the UK continues

Dreamland Margate Mobaro implementation
As Mobaro Park continues its impressive growth worldwide, 2018 has been an adventure like no other in the UK market, with six more UK parks joining the digital wave with Mobaro’s turnkey digital and mobile safety, maintenance and operational solution.

“It is very exciting and a privilege for us, and me particularly as my heart and home is in the UK, to be able to welcome these six wonderful parks to the Mobaro Family”, says David Bromilow, Director Parks and Attractions at Mobaro Park.

With Paultons Park, Folly Farm, Dreamland Margate, Sundown Adventureland and the two Vectis Ventures parks; Robin Hill Country Park and Blackgang Chine now using the Mobaro solution, there now is a total of 16 UK attractions using the Mobaro platform for everyday Safety, Maintenance and Operations checklists across all rides and attractions, park wide audits and daily task management.

“It is noticeable for us that there is a clear picture forming of the snowball effect that occurs on specific markets, when more and more industry colleagues in the same market are experiencing the benefits of using Mobaro. We are absolutely thrilled and honored that this is happening”, says Jens Holm-Møller, Director and Co-Founder at Mobaro.  

Folly Farm, a lovely hybrid Zoo and Amusement Park in the UK, acknowledges the benefits of using Mobaro and according to Royston Badham, Operations Manager aside from the obvious reduction in paper and ink costs, Mobaro has allowed them to closely monitor all park operations to see exactly what is or isn’t getting done and when. Crucially, they are able to identify and share problems much more easily now and have become a much more streamlined and efficient operation.

“Going digital was an exciting opportunity that we had been looking to do for some time. Mobaro were the only provider that had a solution for each of our requirements. Furthermore, the support we received and continue to receive has been phenomenal. The transition from paper to digital was seamless thanks to the team from Mobaro, in constant communication and providing on-site training and support. Having David Bromilow personally scrutinize our checklists was a huge advantage as it allowed us to tap into his extensive knowledge base.”, says Royston.

As still being a new client on the Mobaro platform, Folly Farm has already laid out their future plans for using Mobaro. “We are very happy with how Mobaro has helped our company. The system is managed and updated constantly with improvements coming all the time. Moving forward, our ambition is to migrate all of our departments over to the system by bringing our Farm, Zoo & Catering operations online for 2019 with the aim to be fully digital by 2020.”, says Royston.

Mobaro Park is a Danish company developed in collaboration with attractions to specifically fit the needs of the attractions industry. They provide a turnkey digital and mobile solution, that to this day has helped more than 45 large and small attractions (Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Zoos etc.) worldwide enhance their safety efforts and compliance, as well as maintenance and operational management – removing the often slow and heavy processes of working with paper checklists and documentation.


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