Mobaro Park expansion continues with opening of New York office in 2018


We at Mobaro Park are very happy to announce that our New York office will be ready for business in February 2018. Building on our growing success in Europe and Asia, Mobaro has decided to solidify our presence in the United States.

Increasing numbers of theme parks and attractions are looking to enhance safety using the Mobaro Park online platform.

Our cutting-edge solution digitalizes and streamlines operational management. With access to two main interfaces – an online portal for managers, and a hands-on mobile app for staff – Mobaro Park optimizes daily routines by interconnecting the organization. The system dispenses with the need for paper checklists by allowing staff to work through all the key safety and maintenance checks via the mobile interface.

New York office a response to ‘very positive interest from US parks’
The process combines evaluation, creation and implementation of new and improved regimes that help operators raise standards and minimize errors.

The New York office will be headed up by Mobaro Park’s Director & Co-Founder, Jens Holm-Møller.

“Mobaro Park is premium software developed in close cooperation with our clients,” Jens says.

“We need to be present and in constant dialogue with our clients to make sure we always deliver and have the right focus when it comes to developing our platform. Over the last few years, we have experienced a very positive interest from US parks, so now it is time to open a local office.”

The office will not only support existing clients but also work as a hub from which to grow Mobaro’s client base. Jens will focus on catering to the growing interest from amusement and leisure companies across the country.


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