Meet us at the Euro Attractions Show 2017

The summer is coming to an end which means, that the next IAAPA EMEA expo, the Euro Attractions Show 2017, is getting closer.

This year the show will be situated in Berlin, and Mobaro Park delegates will be there – not only to attend the show and be part of a great week among interesting people and companies, but also to meet you if you are interested in an update of what we are all about, and how we can help you in your particular situation.

And by the way if you are wondering – this year we won’t be found at a Mobaro Park-booth somewhere on the floor next to all the other exhibitors. We are mingling instead and would much more like to invite you for a drink at a destination suited for our specific mood at the specific point in time.

Therefore, to arrange a meeting or a simple small talk over a cup of coffee at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Center or for a drink somewhere in the beautiful city of Berlin please contact Director & Co-founder, Jens Holm-Møller, at or phone: +4529910342.

See you all soon!


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