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A thought-provoking Harvard piece breaks down why middle managers are the unhappiest part of the workforce – and ultimately points to refined leadership for mending the mood.

Keeping a workplace running efficiently takes team effort, communication, good structure and last but certainly not least: Motivated employees. However, keeping positive about your work takes determination – and not only your own.

In a comprehensive study, Harvard Business review displays why middle managers are the unhappiest group in the workplace. And it shouldn’t take Einstein to figure out that disgruntled managers are poison when trying to mix an efficient corporate cocktail.

Here is a couple of the reasons why middle managers are more dissatisfied than other parts of the workforce:

• Too heavy workload.
• Low belief that issues raised will be addressed.
• Their own contribution seems meaningless and intangible.
• Lack of appreciation.

Take it to the top
Although, when everything has been taken into account, the number one reason for unhappy middle managers is poor leadership, and the study emphasises a range of pointers for top managers to focus on. Leaders should:

• Show interest in and evaluate subordinates contribution/performance.
• Seek the subordinates view on streamlining operations and routines.
• Follow up on a regular basis to sustain corporate change.

Source: ’Why Middle Managers Are So Unhappy’. The article is based on a study of 320.000 employees in a variety of organisations. The findings revolve around the professional profiles of more than 15,000 who scored the lowest in commitment and engagement.

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