How Mobaro helps Paultons Park

With Mobaro, Paultons Park is keeping track of safety, maintenance and operations with greater confidence. After analogue methods have been replaced, a higher level of efficiency and quality in processing and monitoring is helping management and technical staff stay on track on a daily basis.

What opened in 1983 as a park and bird garden with an adventure playground is today an internationally acclaimed theme park with over 70 rides and attractions. Best known for its Peppa Pig experience, Paultons Park is the UK’s best-ranked amusement park in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards for 4 years running. 

The need

Prior to using Mobaro, Paultons’ safety and maintenance program was dependent on paper for managing and activating central procedures.

– All daily/weekly ride inspections were signed off via a paper tick sheet. Any small issues were written down on a ‘Notes’ section on the tick sheet. Management would check the tick sheets daily, and any work that was required was transferred to a job sheet. The job sheet would be issued to an Engineer to carry out the work. Once complete, the job sheet would be filled in, returned to management, and filed, says Matthew Hibberd, Engineering Manager at Paultons Park.

He adds that, with a large team, and with four senior members allocating jobs, it was difficult keeping track of which particular jobs had been assigned, by, and to whom. Paperwork could go missing, and quite often paperwork would turn up and no-one was sure whether the work had been completed or not.

Also, for staff, relevant helpful information could only be obtained if they trawelled through all the previous inspection sheets. Often relied on the management team remembering each individual fault, repair or item to monitor. 

The solution

Today, Paultons more than 300 checklists, now digitized in Mobaro, are put into play. This happens through the daily, weekly and monthly schedules, which is a central aspect of the system for ensuring all procedures are taken care of.

At the same time, operations and engineering use e.g. location dashboards for issuing operators access and keeping an eye on jobs and inspections for the park’s various rides and other locations.

The result

Now they experience a range of benefits in the affected departments where both management and staff are seeing valuable changes:

  • Much more information is available to person completing the checklist. 
  • Ensuring all checks are carried out, and signed for, is considerably easier.
  • A better ability to look back at previous checklists & assignments for specific rides.

Paultons Park have been using Mobaro for almost two years with Engineering, Operations and Estate departments onboard the system. 

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