How F&B Checks Help Improve Service Quality and Guest Experience

A while back, we hosted a Food & Beverage webinar focusing on how to implement strong routines and checks for F&B facilities. 

It was our pleasure to be joined by Restaurants Systems Manager Guy Scott-South from Pizza Hut Restaurants in the UK and Deputy Manager of F&B Kenneth Hansen from Faarup SommerlandThey shared how Mobaro helps them operate safely, smoothly and efficiently. 

One topic was “What difference does a great checklist make and why do you use Mobaro checklists?” 

Kenneth replies: “Checklists give you a better structure, especially if you have seasonal staff or staff which rotates between several restaurants.” 

Checklists help staff see exactly what needs to be done without worrying if something was missed. It gives confidence to open on time and safely. If you have rotating staff and your checklists contain instructions and images of the tasks which need to be done, it allows your company to save time and money on training. 

Guy from Pizza Hut elaborates: “The checklists allow your staff to see the company expectations and what they want to achieve when it comes to food, safety and self-inspection. It also gives accountability to the staff member when it comes to attaching your name digitally.” 

At the end of the day, all these checklists are done to ensure and help your company provide great customer experience, which is safe, convenient, and valuable. 

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