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In connection with the release of the revised EN13814 standard, Mobaro and FFD have joined forces to inspire parks in working with the standard.

From a general ambition to support ride engineers, operators, and technical managers as well as general managers, FFD and Mobaro have been collaborating since 2017 through seminars and reports in an attempt to equip the industry for the revision of EN13814:

 – The purpose was to review industry best practices and examine what it takes to meet the new standards. This cooperation has exceeded all expectations. It was outstanding to be able to tap into David Bromilow’s expertise, and the outcome of the meetings forms the basis of this book, says Søren Kragelund, Chairman of FFD.

Insight and expertise are key in this equation. One thing is to deliver the platform, but another is to possess the in-depth knowhow that is crucial in structuring a relevant and effective setup. This is why Mobaro is deeply involved in the ride and attraction industry to keep underpinning current needs, trends and standards.

 – In the book, you will find best practice guidelines, information about the revised EN13814 standard, guidance on guests with disabilities, advice on lockouts and tips for how to structure typical maintenance and safety checklists, says Jens Holm-Møller, CCO and Co-Founder of Mobaro.

And it’s free
On top of the hands-on advice given throughout the book, 8 attractions industry professionals give personal accounts with their own views on working with safety, maintenance and operations. As a courtesy to the industry, Mobaro and FFD have decided to offer the publication free of charge.


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