Drayton Manor puts Mobaro Park on turbo for its Christmas opening

Being on the frontier of best practice means keeping an eye out for good tools and systems. By taking on a mobile operations solution, Drayton Manor Theme Park has found a new approach to delivering high standards in safety, maintenance and operations checklist programs. An impressive three weeks was all it took for the park to be ready for Christmas.

Less than three months ago, the team at Drayton Manor were still in the middle of evaluating which digital system to adopt to support their safety, operations and maintenance routines. Today, after a rapid, yet efficient implementation, they’ve been up and running with Mobaro Park for a month.

– We decided we wanted to get the solution ready for November for our Christmas events and operational period. We worked very closely with the team at Mobaro. It was a tight and challenging deadline, but we succesfully got through it. We went to Denmark for a few days so we could learn the background of the system. When we came back to the UK, their specialist came over too and was very supportive with the implementation and training process and we went live on the 19th of November, says Richard Shepherd, Rides Manager at Drayton Manor Theme Park looking back at a productive three week period of implementation.

How to innovate best practice
Richard Shepherd is one of the Ride Operations managers at the park and he took a lead role in product review, research, selection and ultimately implementation along with several other senior team managers from the park.

Both the ride and attraction engineering and operational teams at the 280 acre park situated in Staffordshire, England have received training on the system and are now providing valuable feedback of the operational requirements of the park.

Prior to engaging with Mobaro, Richard and other senior department heads had been through an internal evaluation of how to further qualify their already well-architected and proven processes.

– We had been looking at a lot of different paperless systems, but Mobaro really was tailored for the theme park sector. It seemed like a very user-friendly system at both the top-end administrator level and also for the engineer on the ground, he says. And after having used the system for a month there is a clear conviction in his early verdict:

– Already all of the teams using the Mobaro system have confidence in its function and use and the results have been measurabale from the on-set, ensuring a high standard of the check and task reporting program. The reporting side of it has been absolutely great, because even though we were completing all the checks and logging them previously, the administrative hours to sit down and generate the reports and actually turn the data into something usable used to be a lengthy process. Now, we’re receiving the reports directly from the Mobaro system and we are really, really happy with it, Shepherd states.

For the initial Christmas event and operational period, Drayton Manor set up some 21 rides and attractions in the system, and by spring season of 2016, the entire park comprising of over 40 rides and attractions will be up and running with digital checklists and live reporting.

December 22, 2015


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