Drawing attention to a handy feature

With the media feature, checks have never been easier and tasking more swift. With a mobile device, technicians go through each check item and whenever something isn’t the way it is supposed to be, then the automatic tasking feature pops up.

Wait won’t they still need to make a proper description?

Well, yes, but that’s were the media function comes in handy. Mobaro let’s you attach photos, audio and video. It’s a really efficient way to emphasize other aspects of an issue than writing or verbal communication normally allows. Or you can use it to simply do things faster.

Draw attention

We even let you draw on photos, so it is easy for the receiver to identify the area and task in question. In the photo below it took a technician 5 seconds to highlight the seats for a mechanic to take over. Quick and simple.


Learn more

If  you want a closer look at how the media feature works, learn about the basics of the Mobaro app in this video.


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