Digitalising maintenance – What’s in it for me?

At first glance going from paper checklists to digital checklist and altering routines when doing daily checks at an amusement park can seem like a time consuming and distracting change for the maintenance staff already short on time. So, what is the whole idea in digitalising maintenance and disrupt the old ways?


Assurance every step of the way
Digital checklists will provide the staff with a tool making them able to create assignments and attach photo documentation on the fly and in real time. Every assignment is documented for future use and notification that a job needs to be done or a spare part needs to be ordered for the checklist to be completed and for the employee to complete his or her job. This will provide the management with a heads up that actions on their part needs to be taken and thereby also documenting the initiative taken by the employee.


Digital checklists won’t be lost, damaged, getting wet in the rain or stained from oil and lubricants as opposed to paper checklists and will be safely stored for future use. This can under many different circumstances keep the employee out of trouble and still holding a job in case of an accident where proof of a completed checklist, at a specific time and the whereabouts of a specific employee are required.

All in all, digital checklists and routines are the maintenance staffs new best friends giving them assurance in case of an accident and documenting that they are doing a great job.


But what about the extra time?
As for all changes, it takes a little time to adjust to new workflows, tools and procedures. But once the new routines have been tested out and best practice checklists have been adjusted to fit the demands and specific preferences of the individual park and the individual maintenance worker, the digitalised workflows and digitised checklists will prove to be not only more efficient, but also more reliable and time saving.


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