David Bromilow 40 years in the industry and named Chairman of IAAPA EMEA Safety Sub-Committee


We are delighted to announce two significant milestones in the distinguished career of Mobaro’s very own David Bromilow or as he is affectionately known in the corridors of Mobaro HQ in Aarhus as the “Brominator”. Furthermore David, as he completes his 40th year in the industry, has taken the chairman’s role for the IAAPA EMEA Safety Committee and with that a seat on the Global IAAPA safety committee.

“It has been a privilege and indeed a pleasure to have participated alongside the dedicated industry professionals and good friends on the various IAAPA safety and maintenance committees over the past sixteen years. And to take the chair from my very Good friend and industry colleague Paul Chatelot from Disney, who is retiring at the end of this year is an absolute honor,” says Bromilow.

Davids career started as a full time apprentice engineer at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1977 in the footsteps of his father Peter, who was also a mechanical engineer at the park.

“I can remember the first day as an apprentice as it were yesterday as I was assigned to work with my Dad to install the Steeplechase ride with a team from Arrow rides USA,” states Bromilow.

Since that, David’s journey has included working as an independent amusement Industry consultant worldwide, at AON / SLE Insurance Group as Technical Risk Control Manager – Sports, leisure & Entertainment sectors, at Drayton Manor as General Manager Park Operations and is currently a part of the Mobaro Park team as Director Parks and Attractions.

Safety remains at the core of David’s work in the industry today and has been a part of it from day one.

“Working with the Mobaro team provides me the opportunity to work with parks and attractions around the World and provide guidance on matters of safety, maintenance and operations,” adds Bromilow and continues “The Mobaro team has from day one provided full support and encouragement to me in support of my volunteer work on the safety committee”.

David works hard not only on his committee work but on the various safety standards and educational programs within the industry delivered by IAAPA and educational programs such as AIMS International and along with his peers continues as an industry ambassador for safety.

“However there is still much to be done, and I am ready, determined as still as passionate to help in the many years to come” he concludes.


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