Are you still hesitant about going digital?


As noted countless times during the past year, the pandemic has proven to be an immense catalyst for digital transformation. More and more businesses realise that it is no longer a choice, but a necessity in order to grow. 

The attraction’s industry is also seeing rapid development these years, in everything from ride & attraction technology to visitor engagement and hospitality offers. 
Everywhere we look, digital solutions are changing the landscape of attractions. This also goes for the safety & maintenance part of their businesses. And that’s where we experience a range of challenges today in the change for digital.

Scope and time

Every year, attractions around the world invest in and carry out thousands of new projects, in their entertainment and operational setup.

However, when it comes to digitising for example safety and maintenance, there is still a reluctance. Often this is due to the time pressure in off-seasons and the lack of resources for investigating new ways of working.

This often results in putting off decision-making, even though change could actually be for the better. And even free up some of the resources.

Assumptions and misconceptions

The second challenge for the park is that when you do have time to investigate, it sometimes makes them arrive at conclusions like:

  • “The IT department needs to play a big part and it is too difficult to manage.”
  • “You need to have a certain scale as an attraction to be able to afford it.”
  • “Time needed to install is too massive and will kill operations for the next season.

But what if we told you that Mobaro can sweep these challenges off the table?

Our clients agree that the answer lies in having a digital provider with 40 years-worth of industry insight and a solution developed upon that knowledge.


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