Right or wrong: Monitoring level compliance at a glance

Every day during the season, continuously checking levels is part of the scheduled routines in most attractions. From food temperature, over water quality, to oil pressure, dispensers and containers, each department has their own installations to keep an eye on during the day.

To facilitate documenting these values, Mobaro’s numbers, sliders and temperature questions have been an integral part of the system for quite a while. It has made it a lot easier for our users to do reading of the required data.

Upgraded scoring for better overview

Now, along with harvesting the data from your inspections, we give you the option to score the input. In essence, now you can assign a required temperature e.g. in a buffet and if it falls below or above a certain interval configured in the Mobaro web app, the assigned score will be reflected.

What this means is that in the report, which is made available instantly upon check completion, a very distinct marking of the correct/incorrect scores will appear. This makes it easier to spot inconsistencies and act accordingly.

Maybe you need a dashboard for levels?

Furthermore, with the various widgets available in Mobaro, you can have a customized dashboard that includes scores just from the values recorded in across the facilities in your attraction.

That’s not all, with the new deviation widget, you will be able to instantly spot when a reading comes in with a value that falls outside the required interval.

If you want to learn more about the new features in Mobaro, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Go here to 
request a demo or email us at info@mobaro.com.