take better care of your zoo or aquarium

create, document and monitor operational routines
in one place

create, document and monitor routines in one place

easily manage any procedure

Ensure compliance with regulations

enhance quality and safety

what our clients think

Looping Group
With Mobaro we found a professional team, a product adapted to our needs, and a really flexible app and community. An app we can use in all of our theme parks, zoos and aquatic facilities.

Pierre Chanet
Safety & Maintenance Manager
Looping Group

West Midland Safari & Leisure Park
” Mobaro has proven to be a real benefit to us and will continue to provide a high level of digital inspection and analysis for the future of our leisure industry business.”

Russell Randle 
Engineering & Theme Park Manager
West Midland Safari & Leisure Park

efficient team collaboration with digital zoo inspections and automated tasking

Whether you are a Duty Manager, Zoo Keeper, an F&B Manager, Maintenance Technician or anyone else in your zoo or aquarium, working together to solve the daily puzzle is a must. Our zoological attractions clients use the Mobaro CMMS to take care of a wide range of essential routines – and the list keep growing day by day.


Employ planned preventive maintenance and safety inspections of e.g. a fleet of vehicles.


Keep your facility on par with animal welfare act regulations with dedicated inspections customised for any enclosure or department


Maintaining a desired temperature is key in keeping wild animals. With Mobaro temperature checks, you can easily track development.

Enclosure checks

Activate daily rounds for all your enclosures to check perimeters, fence readings, enrichment equipment and more.

Food & Beverage

Introducing daily checks and guide for your F&B teams will enhance how safety and quality performs across your restaurants


Mobaro provides easy access to support documents such as SOPs, manuals, and risk assessments for staff to work safely.

Ride inspections

The safety of guests and visitors is paramount. Mobaro's digital inspection tools are industry leading for ride safety.

Water readings

Setting up daily water quality checks will ensure that levels are within tolerance and that actions are taken if not.


Easily keep track of training and certification of your teams and get notified when an employee is up for renewal of e.g. first aid.

Playground safety

With good fun, comes great responsibility. Easily check that your playground lives up to local guidelines and regulations.

Electrical safety

By implementing electrical inspections, you will easily be able to target and fix faulty and hazardous equipment

Fire safety

Ensure safety for staff and guests routines in place for inspecting your fire safety equipment, fire doors and escape routes.

Some of the zoos and
aquariums already on board

Odense Zoo

how it works

Mobaro is a cloud-based collaborative platform consisting of two main digitals tools. Managers have access to structuring, planning and monitoring, staff members can document procedures and create work orders with instant availability to management.

The management tool

From the Mobaro backoffice portal, managers can design, schedule and distribute checks to be conducted at the location of their choice in the park.

As a super user, you can decide who gets access to what by setting roles. 

The mobile app

In the Mobaro mobile app, your staff members will be prompted to conduct checks in the user-friendly checklist tool.

At the same time, it gives access to tasks, manuals and lets staff take the needed certifications required to operate attractions with easy-to-use surveys.

The app also lets e.g. duty managers keep track of all exhibits, enclosures and attractions in the zoo or aquarium through an intuitive location overview.


Whether performing preopening safety checks, hourly hygiene checks, tasks related to maintenance, or any operational routine where a checklist is needed, Mobaro is your effective digital alternative to traditional inspection tools. Not only will it enhance your attraction safety regime, your entire business will reach a new level of transparency between departments and their individual and shared responsibilities.



Conduct checks anywhere in your facility with intelligent and user-friendly checklists.


Create or receive work orders on the fly and attach images to communicate clearly.


You can get dashboards that facilitate overview and decision making.


With Mobaro you can automate recurring checks in any pattern and prompt users when it's time.


Access all the relevant instructions from the library or as attachments to checklists.


Register downtime on rides and compile insight on overall performance.


Adding and annotating images allows you to effectively prevent misunderstandings.


Easily monitor status of any part of your facility with to access key operational data.