Mobaro system update: Someone broke the mold

The new update isn’t ‘just’ about adding features. Now our users get a new way of performing checks and tasks across platforms. It’s a radical change in one central principle of Mobaro.

Today, when you are doing a check in Mobaro, you need to finish it on the device where you started it. From the outset, the system was designed to meet the requirements of finite checks, like say e.g. a morning round to make sure that everything is up to speed.

– As is often the case in software development, some clients challenge certain parts of the architecture. We initially made work-arounds, but now we have finalized this major shift that we have already gotten great feedback on, says Christian Rasmussen, CTO of Mobaro A/S.


Added flexibility and collaboration

Upon this update, the platform opens up for pausing a check or task on one device and continuing the work on a different one at a later time.

– We had one client who broke the mold in particular, and we are very happy about that now. It has given the Mobaro system a very valuable dimension that supports a wider range of workflows across our clients, Christian Rasmussen explains.

As an example, the Shubert Theatres on Broadway wanted to get a way of starting up their check before a show would start. Nothing odd about that. However, they wanted to resume the check during the show, and then back in the office wrap up the work on e.g. a Windows desktop or tablet to better make a quality case.

All that is possible now, and when the user saved the progress to the Mobaro cloud, preliminary results become available in the backend for management to monitor.

What’s more, on top of added flexibility it means that teams who collaborate on processes now have the option to pick up where a colleague left off, e.g. from day to evening shift or on inspections or assessments with an extended time frame.

We will provide more information on this update once it has had time to sink in with the users and more visuals become available.


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