We just got 35 years of experience in theme park safety and maintenance

We are very excited to announce that Mr. David Bromilow has jumped aboard the Mobaro train. David is joining in as our director of parks and attractions. We look forward to benefiting from his massive experience. If anyone knows park safety and maintenance, he’s the one. david-og-jens-1000 In practice, David Bromilow will be in charge of presenting and consulting theme parks globally regarding the possibilities of the Mobaro Park system, or in his own words: – I’ve been in the business long enough to pinpoint a common headache: Who is doing what, when, and are they doing it right? There are numerous benefits to utilising these programs and devices including available ride data and support information at the sharp end and also efficiencies to be made if we start centralising, digitalising and smartening up the way we do things in the industry. I fully aim to have my colleagues across the globe realise the sheer advantages of converting workflows to digits. Learn more of the Mobaro Park safety and maintenance solution >>

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