The new internal order

From centralised to mobile. From corporate to human. From top-down to left-right. Internal communications are undergoing big changes these years.


A ’’ bit lists a number of areas that are making internal communications smarter. With technological advances and new media, employees are joining in on more levels than ever in the struggle to keep key data flowing.

Here is a couple of them:
• Engaging and informative videos
• Mobile technology
• Communicative effect measuring
• Social media

With all the new tools and channels and the different ways to use them, there are no more excuses. Any organisation can become an internal communications superstar.

However, one question seems to pop up. With everyone being able to contribute and a readiness to do so, how is a company supposed to keep communication clean and progressive? Worst case scenarios aren’t hard to imagine. Think of a workplace where anyone can publish anything across a range of media.

Yet, there is nothing new or innovative about the answer though: It must be dealt with in the same way as always. If not even more important now, visible structures and guidelines should be the cornerstone of a future approach.

The multilateral methods for internal communication that are gaining speed need to be managed in a system that top level management finds suitable for the characteristics of their organisation.

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