retail operations

easy and efficient

Save time and cut costs

Converting your workflows to using Mobaro will save time and money spent on analogue checks, administration and travelling.

Allocate resources much smarter

Get detailed insights immediately and allow all your team members to take relevant and precise action.

Better brand consistency

Speed up reporting and centralise the overview of all your stores.

Pushing the business forward
at Pizza Hut Restaurants

“We want to make sure that all our customers receive the same brilliant experience across the business. Mobaro has really helped us in this regard, because they have allowed us to aggregate all the information into one tool helping us to analyse it – and really push forward the business.” Guy Scott-South, Insights & Technology Manager, Pizza Hut Restaurants.


Enabling efficient operations
at Long Tall Sally

“I can go onto the Mobaro back office and see what’s been done within seconds, whereas previously upon a store visit, it would take 4 weeks.” Stevie Laverick, UK Area Manager, Long Tall Sally.

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