User Group logic: One checklist to rule them all

Creating their own maintenance, safety and operations inspection content is one of the main reasons Mobaro’s users love the platform. The flexibility of being able to quickly make new checklists and adjust them is a cornerstone of the principle behind the system.

With these tools at hand, you are able to create and distribute content to any team in your organization. Also, if you need to reuse a checklist for another department, copying and adjusting is as easy as 1-2-3.

“But what if we…..”

That’s how all good stories start. With the addition of User Group Logic, content management and distribution in Mobaro will save your attraction even more time. Now, you don’t need to create as many separate checklists. The User Group Logic makes it possible for checklists to show and hide elements and pages based on user group memberships (or lack thereof) of the user.

This means that when e.g., a preopening inspection is conducted by a member of a User Group called the ‘Operations Team’, the check in the mobile app will display one set of questions. However, if the same inspection was conducted by a superior group called ‘Operations Supervisors’, the checklist would involve different questions or sections.

This function could potentially be a big time-saver when creating and managing operations, maintenance and safety routines for your rides and attractions, facility, F&B, retail and other departments.

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