Routines triggering other routines

Checklists can now trigger ad hoc schedules based on answers. These schedules will start immediately after the result has been completed and received by Mobaro. The created schedules can be viewed in the “Ad Hoc Slots” section of the web app and in the reports.

With the addition of this new trigger in the Mobaro checklist editor, users now have the ability to start other checks from the answers given by the staff member who conducts the inspection.

Example 1:
Electrical circuit failure

Imagine you have a maintenance engineer do a preopening check on a ride, only to identify a malfunction in a separate part of the electrical system. You could configure this particular failure type to trigger, say, a general inspection of the system. Because maybe it affects or is caused by other circuits.

The Electrical team or an individual member of the team would be assigned this inspection to make sure everything was ok. Inside that inspection, it would also be possible to trigger other checks, ppm schedules and so forth.

Example 2:
Water quality

Monitoring water quality part of everyday life in waterparks and other aquatic facilities. Most large waterparks have systems that probe and record, but often it is still necessary to do local poolside checks.

What if your check determines that quality falls noticeably outside the required interval? (A recent system update makes it
possible to configure intervals to give points by the way.)

Depending on readings this function could inform senior team leaders to take appropriate action such as adjusting the dosing schedule and quantity or if outside operational parameters pool or attraction closure instructions.

Easier management of related processes

Ultimately, the new feature is designed to make management and execution even more seamless. Since many workflows are related to each other and often act as a consequence of one another, we wanted to support that circumstance.

Now, what makes it even more interesting is that with the Mobaro API there is a whole new world of possibilities opening up these days. You might be able to integrate schedules trigger with other external systems by doing custom development to build a connection.

So why not take a look at the recent updates to the Mobaro API next