Platform updates!

In case you missed it. Over the past few weeks we’ve been releasing a bunch of platform updates. To make sure that you’re all aware of the latest enhancements, here’s a quick summary.

Missing results
Earlier, you could only view the results which were submitted, you never had a way to see which schedules might actually be missed. After the introduction of time zones on schedules a few weeks back, Mobaro now knows exactly when a checklist has passed its deadline and can be reported as “missing”. These data are available as a sub-item to the normal “Results” page in the menu.

In here, we list all the missed entries from your calendar schedules. For example, if you have made a calendar schedule asking for a checklist to be completed for two locations last Thursday, but it only got completed for one of the locations, then you’ll be able to find an entry for the missing one in here. The results which was received is to be found, as per usual, under “Results”.

For now, we give you the ability to view these data. Some of the missing results might be due to misconfigured schedules, which can then be fixed. Later on, we aim to allow you to work with these data instead of just viewing them. We will keep you updated on this matter as we move forward with the development.

Periodic e-mail reports
With missing results in place, we now gather 4 key metrics for you:
– Completed checklists
– Missed checklists
– Created assignments
– Solved assignments
We’ve added a new type of email notifications, which you can configure. They are called “Summary Reports” and can be found under Notifications in the menu when adding a new Notification rule.

With this new report type, you can setup automatic daily, weekly or monthly reporting for you and your users. The configuration allows you to specify checklists, locations groups, recipients and a lot more. In turn, your users will receive an email notifying them about activity for their area, which looks like this:

Clicking on the “View” link under the different metrics in the email takes you directly to a pre-filtered view in the web application showing you what the numbers are based on. For more information about this feature as well as help to setting it up can be found on our support site at

Filters…. Filters everywhere
We’ve been adding filters to the results, missing results and gallery overview. For now, it’s the most basic filters and we will be expanding on these in the future. All the filters works are AND’ed together meaning that you can combine as many filters as you want and that the search results are those which conforms to each of the parameters you have defined in your filter.

Comments on assignments
From the web application you can now add comments to assignments. Comments are meant as small updates from all the users who can see the tasks. Previously you could only update the different parameters on an assignment – now you can also leave message and small updates for your team on the tasks.

Currently, this is only available and visible through the web application. We’re working on bringing you the ability to view an assignments full history and details in the app as well as allow for commenting from the app in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Put a smile on that face!
You can now change your and your users’ profile picture from the web application. Previously only the users themselves could do this – and only from the app. No more! When editing a user, you now have the option to upload a image which should be used as their profile picture.

Select results across multiple pages
When generating Excel-reports you have been limited to selecting a maximum of 20 results – and only from a single page of results. We’ve increased the amount of results to 300 as well as allowing you to select results across multiple pages.

In the top bar of the table for results, enabled “multi select” and just start selecting results. If you move to another page of results, you can carry on selecting more – in the top right corner, we inform you of your total amount of selected results as well as give you the option to clear your selection.

Keep in mind, that changing filters or entering anything in the search bar resets your selection.


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