Outstanding results at Fantasilandia due to Mobaro Park

Since January 2017 and after the implementation of the Mobaro Park system, Fantasilandia in Chile have increased the productivity rate among their maintenance employees with 10 percent.

Assisting manager, Hugo Loyola, explains that the implementation of the Mobaro Park system has improved the communication between management, operators and maintenance staff which have reduced some of the waste time describing time spent on activities that do not add any value to the daily processes. The waist time includes waiting for assignments, doing double checks on findings, time spent on selecting the appropriate tools for each task, time spent on assignment management and so forth.

In other words, the Mobaro system have on average improved the efficiency amongst each of the maintenance employees with 10 percent leading to a total productivity rate of 70 percent – a high level compared to official Chilean standards.

To see how it all started watch how Fantasilandia benefits from the Mobaro Park safety and maintenance system. Watch the video here:




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