Mobaro Park makes US market entry with safety software

Danish software developer teams up with US business developer to win the hearts and minds of the American amusement and leisure industry.


In an industry with outstanding safety records, moving on from paper checklists to digital solutions is a natural development. It goes without saying that amusement and leisure safety regulations are strict and complex. So compliance is a major responsibility and a comprehensive task. This is why interest and demand is on the rise for a solution that can ease and enhance safety, maintenance and operations.

– It’s gotten off to a great start in Europe. A number of leading attractions have taken a liking to the product. And now we seek to include the American parks as well. The vibe from the industry is good, and from the looks of things, they want to hear more about going digital, says Steve Boney who recently joined the Mobaro team.

Opening a US office
With years of experience in the US, Boney will be in charge of reaching out to the American parks and attractions as Mobaro’s new Executive Business Developer. His expectations are clear:

– We are looking at a market that is moving away from historical static paper systems, checklists, task organization, maintenance manuals, ride safety and ride status. It is being replaced by a dynamic mobile information system where this same information can be more effective. The staff and management have the benefits of better knowledge, safety and time management, which traditionally translates into a more profitable park.

Since Mobaro first launched its platform a few years ago, the company has been replacing paper checklists and enhancing the once analogue workflows in a number of parks and attractions.

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