Mobaro continues to grow UK client base


With 8 new clients last year alone, Mobaro is a preferred software partner for UK’s attraction maintenance and operations management. New stages for their software development plan is catching on as valuable assets in many visitor attractions.

Within the last year, Codona’s Amusement Park, Zoological Society of East Anglia, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Roarr!! Dinosaur Adventure, Adventure Island, Tayto Park, and the Science Museum Group have all signed up and embarked on their journey with Mobaro who now support more than 30 clients in the UK and Ireland alone.

– It is truly encouraging to see that we’ve struck the right chord, since we are welcoming so many new UK clients while also appealing to a broader audience of visitor attractions. From the outset, it has been our ambition to help formalize and digitize as many processes within maintenance and operations as possible, says David Bromilow, Director of Parks & Attractions at Mobaro.

The main foundation for the platform has always been to offer a bespoke industry solution. One that is built on many years of maintenance and operations knowhow and in a constant dialogue with attractions to maximise relevance. However, since launching their planned expansive modules during the past 2 years, Bromilow and the team at HQ in Denmark have experienced a general influx of interest globally.

– When we set up shop, it took us a few years for us to establish a deeper understanding in the industry of what we were looking to do long term. Now, we have a reached a point where our development master plan and client demand is intersecting in a very fruitful way to say the least. Especially since we integrated our ride operations module, the interest has increased. It makes sense to many attractions to build stronger connections between their respective departments.

Even better when everyone is onboard
Traditionally many attraction departments tend to operate as silos where e.g., maintenance do their part and operations do theirs independently – while F&B is on the other side of the tracks, so to speak.

The Mobaro platform is intended to enable the individual attractions to not only inspect, monitor, and manage their rides, attractions, facilities. The overall idea is giving attractions ample opportunity to get everyone involved and take advantage of a well-structured real-time information flow that exceeds traditional departmental divisions.

– RideOps, the new Competency and training module, and our compliance package are all additions aimed at uniting teams and departments for stronger collaboration and utilizing potential synergies, ultimately making the attraction safer and more efficient, says David Bromilow.

Currently serving more than 150 attractions globally, Mobaro continues their determined quest to digitize attractions. This year, the team also aims to reveal their plans for a new module that will support management of assets such as spare parts and inventory.


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