Looping Group digitizes safety and maintenance operations in all its parks

Mobaro and Looping Group team up in a joint effort to digitally empower park staff to optimize operations and create more fun in full comfort and safety for park visitors and employees alike.

According to Charles Bennet, COO of Looping Group, a key goal in Looping Groups decision of going digital, is to empower employees while improving the communication and information sharing inside the respective individual park and on a corporate level of the group.

“Mobaro will help to secure the content and the execution of safety, maintenance and operational procedures across our parks which are located in different countries. Smooth digitization will eliminate filling out various paper forms, making multiple phone calls, and other manual tasks; and make those processes seamless.”, says Charles.

The group’s decision of Mobaro as a digital partner was made due to their full turnkey solution, combining a industry specific tailored, simple and matured digital tool with consultation by recognized experts of our industry. Charles continues, “On the short term, this comforts us that our teams will easily adhere and take over a performant tool. On the longer term, we are confident that the platform will evolve, connect more and more actors and remain at the forefront with latest industry innovations and practices.”

The new control tower

Aiming for a roll-out on all 15 parks within the respective safety & maintenance departments of each park throughout 2019, Looping Group has high expectations and ambitions for the system including continuous organic growth of usage within various departments of each park. “Mobaro will become the control tower of our parks’ safety, maintenance and operations. We ambition that more and more of our employees connect to the platform, for optimized operations & maintenance and more fun in full comfort & safety for our visitors!” states Charles.

The implementation process have already initiated, with first site visits at a range of the groups larger parks, e.g. the UK theme park Pleasurewood Hills (picture above of David Bromilow, Director Parks & Attractions at Mobaro and James from the technical team).

In the Mobaro encampment in Aarhus, Denmark, the spirit of the team is very much alive and buzzing as the work on implementing Mobaro in the Looping Group parks is in full swing.

“We are absolutely thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the Looping Group team. Since the amusement industry have a high level of duty of care for both guests and staff, we are proud that Mobaro can support safety and maintenance across the industry.”, comments Jens Holm-Møller, Co-founder at Mobaro.


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