Kick-Off time: Spring training at Hersheypark


On March 4-5th, Hersheypark hosted a training session to prepare the park’s technical teams for using the Mobaro platform for the 2020 season. Planning and preparing is essential when rolling out in a big park like this one and park staff and the Mobaro roll-out team were there to ensure just that.

Already a US resident, Jens Holm-Møller, CCO of Mobaro met up with Head of Customer Success, Rasmus Andreasen who flew in from Denmark. As is the case with many of the Mobaro clients, the objective of the trip was to properly introduce the platform and handle initial training of daily users of the system.

First thing on the agenda was giving management an overview of the Mobaro mobile and web applications and their many shared and individual features.

Diving deeper into the depths of Mobaro, Rasmus then proceeded to educate the 59 plumbers, carpenters and garage technicians who will be using the various specialized functions of the Mobaro safety & maintenance tool.

Getting an extensive setup right
One of the key observations that makes the Hershey Park case special is related to the size of the park.

– With such a big park, so many employees, different departments and rides and attractions, it goes without saying that they already have robust safety & maintenance content. Our mission has been to take their existing checklists and support documents and convert them for use in the Mobaro system, Rasmus Andreasen explains.

This has the effect that many of the rides have both daily mechanical, plumbing, carpentry and electrical checks that need to be accommodated by a suitable setup in Mobaro. 

The size of the park is also reflected in 71-member-tall team of mechanical engineers who are responsible for performing maintenance on the more than 76 rides and attractions at the iconic Pennsylvanian amusement park. As a stand-alone group, they received a dedicated training session on the Thursday followed by a wrap up with management.

Hershey Park is busy preparing the 2020 season and will be open to the public from April 4th , and, come summer, a modernized park entrance and a brand new rollercoaster will be introduced.

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