Feature update: QR codes & new assignment options


QR code support

As a new feature of the Mobaro platform, we now allow users to apply QR codes to their locations. This means that you employ a new level of assurance across your site by having staff verify their position when conducting checks.

A brief overview of how it works:

  • All locations are now registered in Mobaro with a (customizable) QR code.
  • The app can filter assignments and checklists views by scanning a QR code for a given location.
  • The app location overview can open details for a location directly when scanning a matching QR code.
  • Checklists can now require users to answer using a QR code. This can be done in three different modes dependent on how specific the verification should be.


Ad hoc assignments on the fly

A very important aspect of Mobaro is making sure things get done – and in a correct manner. Once in a while our users encounter certain situations during a check where they need to make work orders even though the check item is OK.

So, to facilitate these situations we made changes to the way assignments work inside a check:

Ad-hoc assignments can now be added from the ‘+’ menu in checklists.

  • The user can attach as many assignments to any given question as they like.
  • The feature can be enabled per checklist.

On top of that, you no longer need to exit the check if you want to solve a task immediately:

  • Assignments can now be solved when creating them.
  • Users can choose to answer a question with an assignment and solve it immediately without exiting the checklist.

To sum up, this feature update adds even more assurance and flexibility to the Mobaro platform. And if you want to learn more about these features, be sure to reach out to us by requesting a demo or calling us at +4571999499.


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