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The Mobaro Park system is designed to help parks and attractions improve and enhance their safety management system by digitalising key functions within the safety and maintenance operations. The process combines three steps; evaluation, creation and implementation of new and improved regimes, and the onboarding of Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines once again proved the system and process to be the perfect combination.

The evaluation process
The evaluation process began with David Bromilow, as always, doing a comprehensive pre-site review of maintenance and operation checklist programs before flying to the Philippines for the on-site review and evaluation. All information regarding safety, maintenance and operations was thoroughly collected and processed in order for David to establish the best possible foundation for continuing into the creation process.

The creation process
As always, the thorough evaluation lead to an even more comprehensive creation phase. After collecting all the relevant information David continued with the creation of new content and regimes. The process included the combination and integration of safety protocols into the validated and edited checklists of all rides and attractions to ensure that the content for Enchanted Kingdom is best practice. The process also included a photo documentation of checks and protocols followed by a re-bundle of all the check programs into a logical form to ensure an efficient and logical workflow. All combined with expert guidance and advice on safety protocol and the engagement of the technical and operations team members in the early edit and refinement processes.

In the meantime, all system preparations for Enchanted Kingdom were being prepared back in the office in Denmark, and checklists were simultaneously being digitalized and prepared for take-off in close cooperation with David transmitting from the Philippines.

Workshop kick-off
With David wrapping up and flying back to good old England, and Anna Danau, Mobaro Park Asia representative, flying in from Vietnam, the creation process went into the final stage – training and onboarding of the management and staff of Enchanted Kingdom.

The kick-off began with a one-day classroom training for all administrators, section heads, technicians, and team members from across multiple departments: Technical Services, Ride Operations, Safety, and Facilities Management. All were quick and eager to learn, and proud that Enchanted Kingdom will be the first amusement park in Asia to adopt Mobaro Park.

The next two days, Anna joined the maintenance teams bright and early at 6 a.m. for their morning checks. Both new and seasoned technicians found the Mobaro app easy to use and after the early morning maintenance checks, the technicians handed over their devices to the Operations Team to conduct their opening checklists for all the rides. Once again, in the team were quick and welcoming learners. Their new checklists are more comprehensive than before, serving as a double check on the early morning maintenance checks.

The checklists via the app took a bit more time than paper checklists, but the team communicated that they were proud in doing more thorough checks for safety and preventative maintenance. Moreover, Section Heads noted that the updated checklists on the Mobaro app add to and refresh the teams’ knowledge about safety.

Management and Section Heads were giddy and grinning as the checklists turned green on the app, and the Locations turned green on the Dashboard. They noted that this is going to save them so much time in lieu of inputting Job Order and paper checklist information into various reports.

The implementation process
With a perfectly executed evaluation and creation stage followed by workshops and on-site training, Enchanted Kingdom has now entered the final stage of live testing and evaluation. The implementation phase and roll-out is set for the staff and management to work with the system, the new content and regimes, workflows and so on in order to provide early feedback on the everyday use of the system and on remaining edits and structure. All in close collaboration with the Mobaro Park team keeping the end up from the head office in Aarhus, Denmark.

Both staff and management expressed excitement that they are now part of the Mobaro Park network, with access to the expertise of David Bromilow, best practices shared by other parks who are Mobaro Park partners, and a communication channel to the manufacturers.

Enchanted Kingdom continues to serve as a positive role model for attractions in Southeast Asia. Their attention to guest service, quality rides & entertainment, safety and maintenance, exhibit their dedication to World Class standards in the industry.


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