2+2 is 5: Mobaro and Ellis & Associates Join Forces to Elevate Aquatic Safety


Mobaro is partnering up with the world’s leading aquatic safety and risk management consultants, Ellis & Associates (E&A). The new partnership provides tools and education to make a safety-driven aquatics industry even safer.


By putting the vast expertise of E&A into play through the innovative technology of the Mobaro CMMS, we aim to offer water parks and aquatic attractions alike the best foundation imaginable for creating and maintaining safe facilities.

In practice, the new partnership means that Ellis & Associates will be utilizing the Mobaro system for:

  • Independent water park attraction inspections
  • Due diligence attraction testing
  • Inspection education for clients

As aquatic facilities expand and grow, the variety and excitement being offered guests with innovative new water rides and attractions grows as well. By incorporating a digital solution for maintenance and inspection, operators can improve their own efficiency, making an incredibly safe industry even safer.

Learn how your attraction could benefit.

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