Want to check that your stores are dressed to kill on
campaign opening day?

What is Mobaro Retail?

Mobaro Retail – Keeping your retail compliance in check.

Want to take the pulse on your stores? Mobaro Retail helps you audit store performance, execute campaign initiatives and boost concept compliance. Intrigued? We welcome you to explore how Mobaro Retail can transform your view on retail management.

How it works

A full line of features

Real-time dashboards

Get a bird's eye view with real-time dashboards


Attach photo, video, and audio to your checklists to elevate the bearing of your answers


Share corporate guidelines and support your checklists by adding manuals and internal briefs


Easily create, edit and publish your own checklists in our user friendly back office


Completing checklists on the fly is no biggie. Mobaro Retail is always fully functional – even when you are offline


Get the job done! Share and assign tasks so that prevailing outstandings are attended to

E-mail reports

Get instant feedback with automised email reports


Where were we? Know the exact location of all checklists submitted


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